Tracker by InRFood: Must-have app for the healthy and food conscious

By Waqar Hassan • May 4, 2016

Tracker by InRFood: Must-have app for the healthy and food conscious

May 4, 2016 | Waqar Hassan | —

App screenshots
App screenshots
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Tracking food intake allows you to be more health conscious. If you want to effectively monitor your food and find success in your weight loss/gain goals, try the Tracker By InRFood app.

Concept and Theme: The Tracker by Inrfood app is developed by INRFOOD Inc. It helps you track your food intake and keeps your diet goals by providing healthy insights through interactive charts, diet profiles, and thousands of available exercises.

  • All-in-one fitness – not only will you be able to track the major nutrients and ingredients of the food you consume, you can also check out thousands of exercises to go with your diet goals.
  • Nutrient tracker – it has all you need to track your carbs, cholesterol, fat, fiber, and protein from your food.
  • Huge food database – It has more than 600,000 foods available on their database and continues to grow daily. It also allows you to make quick and easy food entry totrack your food.
  • Interactive charts – track your progress and gain healthier insights by using the app’s interactive charts and diet profile.
  • Weight modules – monitor your weight monthly using the weight module that allows you to log in your current weight and the next for comparison.
  • It’s free! – it is 100% free so you can enjoy all its features to the fullest.

Functionality and Usability: This app looks very good since it goes beyond helping you understand the nutrition information provided on food labels. It helps you monitor your sugar intake, how much additives you take in, and other food ingredients that other similar apps are not able to do. It also provides thousands of exercises to help you stay on track of your fitness goals.

Design and Performance: This app has a simple yet tasteful design that users will appreciate. You can easily use this app because it’s very interactive and user-friendly.

All in all, the Tracker by InRFood is one of the best food tracker apps you can have in the market. With this, you can commit to keeping your diet goals and making right food choices. The fact that it’s free, simple, well-designed, and functional already makes it better than other similar apps in the market.

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