Priceline for medical imaging and matchmaker service for clinical trials among latest Health Wildcatters cohort

By Stephanie Baum • September 1, 2016

Priceline for medical imaging and matchmaker service for clinical trials among latest Health Wildcatters cohort

Health Wildcatters is led by CEO Dr. Hubert Zajicek

Health Wildcatters, a health tech accelerator based in Dallas, is on cohort number four. Entrepreneurs in the latest class have interests that extend from managing medical imaging costs to solving the patient recruitment challenges that delay clinical trials for medical device and drug development companies.

Participants in the 12-week program receive $30,000 in investment in exchange for 8 percent equity. To date, 32 companies have taken part in the program. The accelerator recently doubled the size of its shared workspace.

One of the more interesting sounding businesses in the group is Optologix. It develops light-regulated reagents to help cancer biologists and other scientists to study cellular behavior with spatial and temporal control.

Here’s a summary of the 10 companies in the incoming class aggregated from Health Wildcatters, startups’ websites and their LinkedIn profiles.

Amity Cloud developed an app to train healthcare professionals and brings healthcare services to individuals.

ClinicalSolutions matches up clinical trial volunteers with researchers. Clinical trials are listed by condition and company. Volunteers set up a profile using contact information, their condition and their medical history, according to the company’s website. Researchers register so they can search for volunteers, but they only are asked to pay a fee when they find a suitable match. If volunteers fail to find a match for their condition, the company’s concierge service will sort out an externally sourced trial, according to the website. Among the co-founder are Irving Rivera, Stacey Guillen, Adam Shed, and Seth Dorriss.

Endogenesis is developing an endoscope system that’s capable of providing label-free, real-time, in-vivo cancer imaging and diagnosis. The founder and CEO is Aaron Allen.

Friendly developed an electronic medical record service to facilitate communication between clinicians and patients.

HealPal uses an algorithm to connect cancer patients who are most like each other in terms of cancer diagnosis, stage and other relevant criteria so they can support each other and share their insights on their condition. The company also aggregates practical information and shares it using infographics and videos to help patients understand their condition jargon free.

HealthNextGen use statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify patterns and disease trajectories, according to its LinkedIn page.

KnKt’d is a behavioral health startup that connects providers with their clients between appointments.

MediBookr is described as a Priceline-like marketplace for medical imaging. Users submit info on their location and what they need done. The platform responds with five options users can compare based on pricing and appointment times. Sunny Nadolsky is the founder and CEO.

Sentinel Diagnostic Imaging developed an imaging tool that uses retinal scans to identify cardiovascular biomarkers associated with diabetes, hypertension, muscular dystrophy and stroke risk.