Precision Oncology Company Lantern Pharma Enters Collaborative Service Agreement with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Leader Intuition Systems to Aid in Biomarker Discovery

By Business Wire • January 8, 2017

Precision Oncology Company Lantern Pharma Enters Collaborative Service Agreement with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Leader Intuition Systems to Aid in Biomarker Discovery

January 8, 2017 | Military Technologies

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lantern Pharma Inc., is a privately held, global biotech company pioneering the field of precision oncology. Lantern’s proprietary approach to drug development is driven by advanced genomics and machine learning-based artificial intelligence (AI), which when combined, are advancing a new wave of precision drug therapies that significantly reduce the time to market and overall risk associated with drug development. Lantern has reached an agreement to collaborate with India-based AI and data analytics company, Intuition Systems. Intuition will work closely with Lantern’s existing computational team to bring additional AI, big data analysis, cloud support and infrastructure to support drug development and biomarker identification.

The treatment of cancer represents a large market with many underserved areas where precision therapies will be highly valued. As part of the collaboration, Lantern’s lead computational biologists will utilize Intuition’s platform to analyze and identify the relevant predictive biomarkers from clinical and genomic datasets. This analyzed data will be co-related to patients’ responses for Lantern’s clinical stage drugs. “The more clinical and genomic data that is analyzed, the ‘smarter’ the AI becomes, which will lead to additional breakthroughs. We are very excited to assist Lantern in its pursuit to re-invent cancer drug development using advanced AI and genomics. This partnership accelerates the development of therapies at a faster and more efficient rate than ever before,” explains Anand A., Chief Executive Officer of Intuition Systems.

Rather than discovering drugs from scratch, Lantern identifies, partners or acquires, late-stage clinical drugs that show efficacy in a small number of patients. These abandoned drugs are ‘rescued and repurposed’ using molecular profiling to identify the specific patients who respond favorably to treatment. Responding patients are screened for a response biomarker, stratified and treated in a narrow scope of clinical trials. This process of targeting certain genomic profiles creates truly precise therapies and addresses a significant unmet need in the cancer market.

“We are excited about this partnership and believe it will generate excellent results,” says Arun Asaithambi, PhD., Chief Executive Officer of Lantern Pharma. “Combining Intuition’s proven platform, which has been applied successfully in other technology applications, with Lantern’s existing proprietary computational resources will advance our efforts in developing new drugs and novel treatments to patients in need. This collaboration marks another step towards reinventing the clinical development of cancer therapies.”

About Intuition System LLP

Intuition Systems is an India based award winning software and analytics company that helps accelerate development of products and services in fintech, retail and healthcare. Intuition Systems has developed a powerful proprietary platform with expertise in AI, advanced algorithms and big data analytics. Intuition Systems also develops its own proprietary products, including a cloud-based, fully integrated payment/point-of-sale system for retail applications.

About Lantern Pharma Inc

Lantern Pharma is a global biotech company aiming to re-invent the cancer drug development process by tailoring promising drug programs to the right cancer patients. Lantern leverages advanced genomics and artificial intelligence (AI) to both identify and significantly reduce the cost and overall risk profile of new therapies compared to traditional drug development. Lantern currently has three clinical stage candidates in its pipeline. Tavocept is a phase 2 clinical candidate. LP-184 is being prepared for biomarker based clinical trials. Irofulven-1 has been licensed out to a later stage pharma company focused on continuing its development.


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