North Texan invents magical wand that waves away wine hangovers (HW Alumni, PureWine)

By Julia Bunch • September 19, 2016

North Texan invents magical wand that waves away wine hangovers (HW Alumni, PureWine)

September19th, 2016 | Julia Bunch | CultureMap —

In excellent news for wine lovers, a new product created by a North Texan dramatically reduces the side effects associated with drinking the stuff. Called The Wand by PureWine, it makes the vino-drinking experience more pleasant — especially the next morning.

Colleyville native David Meadows is equal parts scientist and wine connoisseur. He loved wine but was plagued with unwanted symptoms after consuming it. As a result, he set out to prevent wine-induced flushing, nasal congestion, headaches, and hangovers that 75 percent of drinkers experience.

Together, Meadows and his son, Derek, co-founded the first patented formula that uses ionic exchange resin beads to remove sulfites and histamines that cause unwanted side effects. Think of it like a water filter for your wine. The taste remains unaffected, because the wand preserves the tannins.

About the size of a spoon, the wand, made from food-grade materials and PBA-free plastic, has a pouch of beads that, when waved in a glass of wine and left for eight minutes, removes 95 percent of sulfites and histamines. The wand works in whites, which have more sulfites, and reds, which have more histamines. It also works in sparking wines, though the wand removes the effervescence.

The duo launched the wand to the public a couple of months ago out of their Grapevine office. Planting roots in a community that loves wine was very important to them.

The Wand has already partnered with a few restaurant and wine bars — including The Mint, Asian Mint, and Times Ten Cellars in Dallas and Fort Worth — to sell the product. Plus, The Wand will soon be available at retail locations such as Dallas Fine Wine & Spirits, Goody Goody Liquor, and Bear Creek Spirits & Wine.

Wands can be purchased online or in select food, beverage, and retail locations listed on the PureWine website. A single wand runs about $2, with options to purchase in packs of three, eight, and 24.


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