Health Wildcatters Graduate (InRFood) Announces $100,000 Investment

By Christy Torres • December 19, 2015

Health Wildcatters Graduate (InRFood) Announces $100,000 Investment

Matt Goodman | D Healthcare Daily | 12/19/15

Health Wildcatters graduate InRFood was one of two health startups to receive a $100,000 investment after finishing a three month accelerator program in San Francisco.

InRFood and Boston-based Constant Therapy beat out 10 other startups to win the money, which was awarded by the venture capital firms Village Capital and Global health, and Social Innovation Capital Partners. Both are based in San Francisco, and the winners were selected by the other 10 companies in the program.

InRFood uses a digital database to show users the nutritional makeup in the food they eat, including the chemicals that went into making it. It has logged about 500,000 products and more than 650 restaurants across the country. It graduated from Health Wildcatters in 2014.

“Village Capital is thrilled to support businesses that are creating more accessible and affordable health options for low-wealth individuals,” said Ross Baird, Executive Director of Village Capital, in a statement. “Constant Therapy and InRFood represent the wide range of creative tech-based health innovations out there. We are excited to have worked with The Hitachi Foundation and Global Health and Social Innovation Capital Partners to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem around these ideas.”

InRFood has announced about $350,000 in total investments, including one from Houston Health Ventures.