ExHale and Obaa on Startup Dallas Ep62 | Health Wildcatters Companies

By Christy Torres • October 21, 2015

ExHale and Obaa on Startup Dallas Ep62 | Health Wildcatters Companies

October 21, 2015| Jason Croft | Startup Dallas

Today’s episode is a little different.  We highlight two amazing companies going through the Health Wildcatters accelerator program, Obaa and ExHale.  Cobby Amoah and Sarah O’Leary walk us through the innovative ways they are each solving some of the larger issues in healthcare.  And they give us some great insight into how they got into the Health Wildcatters program, and what it’s done for their businesses.

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Reach out to Coby and Charles at Obaa and Sarah and her team at ExHale and let them know you saw them on the show.  I’ll have links to do that below.  And then sit back and watch their companies grow like wildfire!

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Okay, let’s go start something.

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