BreathalEyes Rebrands To EyeOnic, Inc.

By Christy Torres • September 1, 2015

BreathalEyes Rebrands To EyeOnic, Inc.

DALLAS, Texas | Facebook | BreathalEyes, the app that tests a user’s alcohol intoxication by taking a video of the eyes, has added EyeOnic to its family. The new business entity will allow the Company to rapidly enhance its existing application and build new technologies to target different markets, said company officials.

Originating in Nashville, Tennessee, the Company reincorporated in Dallas, Texas in 2014. The Company then completed the Health Wildcatters accelerator program and began preparing for its next phase of business development after

“We believe the power of our technology will have a great impact, helping to save lives and money through intoxication awareness and accident prevention,” said Robert Andrews, President and Founder. “With the creation of EyeOnic℠, we have solidified a strong and experienced team to lead our efforts.”

- Phillip L. Scheldt, PhD, now serves as EyeOnic’s CEO, bringing extensive experience in the entrepreneurial world, and guiding startups to success.

- Robert Andrews, Founder and President, will work closely with Dr. Scheldt to establish EyeOnic as the company making a difference in the alcohol consumption world.

- Eleanor Anderson-Miles continues as Executive Vice President, supporting operations, product development, and marketing.

“Our leadership team, along with our development and medical staff, is focused on aggressive market penetration and growth for EyeOnic with the same mission we began with BreathalEyes, fulfilling our vision of saving lives with innovative technology.”

EyeOnic saves lives and money with a simple way to reduce alcohol related accidents. By deploying on any mobile device, EyeOnic’s technology provides anytime anywhere alcohol testing for increased safety and reduced risk by stopping an intoxicated person from driving or using work equipment. EyeOnic is the way to save lives.

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