Another client in California was unceremoniously and illegally kicked out of her insurance policy for "non-payment."  (She found out she had been terminated when she went to get a prescription filled).  Even though she had proof of payments confirmed by her bank, it took one of our expert's involvement and several phone calls to get Anthem to admit their "computer error" and reinstate her.  If she had not been reinstated, she would have been uninsured until January 2017 and would have had to pay thousands in tax penalties.   The risk to her as an uninsured individual could have been bankrupting.  Our service cost her $240.   These are just two examples of countless we could share.

Individuals, families and employers hire our company to manage the business aspects of their healthcare.  We are an affordable for profit entity that saves clients thousands of dollars and alleviates their emotional stress and frustration.  Companies can have a soul and help those they serve and make a profit.  You just have to be committed to being socially and ethically responsible from the very start.

In the worlds of health insurance, healthcare, profit-driven pharmaceuticals and medical devices, far too often patients pay the price of corporate greed.  The #1 reason for personal bankruptcy in the United States is healthcare related, and of those who file the vast majority claim to have insurance.  Thanks to unregulated drug and medical device pricing in particular, we pay billions more than other countries where pricing is government controlled.  Medical billing errors, arbitrary pricing, fraudulent balance billing, and improper insurance claim denials cost consumers billions of dollars annually that they simply shouldn't have to pay and often don't owe.

With this said, our company and other socially minded, ethical, patient-centric companies within the healthcare space are making a difference.  Our efforts may seem small to big healthcare corporate America, but to the individuals and families helped, it makes all of the difference in the world.