$100,000 Awarded to Constant Therapy and InRFood (HW Alumn) for Health Business Solutions

By Christy Torres • December 17, 2015

$100,000 Awarded to Constant Therapy and InRFood (HW Alumn) for Health Business Solutions

The Hitachi Foundation | December 17, 2015

Selected by peers as top ventures that address challenges in the health sector

(San Francisco, CA) – Two health startups, Constant Therapy and InRFood, were selected by their peers this week to receive $100,000 each in investment from Village Capital and Global Health and Social Innovation Capital Partners (GHSICP). The selection marks the end of a three-month accelerator program, Village Capital Health: US 2015, run by Village Capital in partnership with The Hitachi Foundation.

health cohort winnersThe ventures were selected from a pool of twelve early-stage health businesses committed to bridging the "health-wealth gap" by offering better access and/or delivering more affordable healthcare to low-wealth individuals.

Boston-based Constant Therapy is revolutionizing the treatment of neurological disorders using science-based digital brain therapy delivered on mobile devices. Dallas, Texas & Durham, North Carolina-based InRFood simplifies and personalizes nutrition through digital tools.

"Village Capital is thrilled to support businesses that are creating more accessible and affordable health options for low-wealth individuals," said Ross Baird, Executive Director of Village Capital. "Constant Therapy and InRFood represent the wide range of creative tech-based health innovations out there. We are excited to have worked with The Hitachi Foundation and Global Health and Social Innovation Capital Partners to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem around these ideas."

"We are proud to have partnered with Village Capital, for their Village Capital Health: US 2015 accelerator program that addresses health disparities in the US and around the world," said Raj Gorla, Managing Partner at GHSICP. "We congratulate the winners Constant Therapy and InRFood, along with other tremendous companies like Legworks who aim to transform the lives of millions for the better."

health snap"Constant Therapy is helping thousands of stroke and brain injury survivors today to recover their everyday life skills," said Dr. Veera Anantha, Founder and CTO of Constant Therapy. "Village Capital's ecosystem is a fantastic resource for us as we rapidly increase awareness about Constant Therapy among patients and clinicians."

"Seventy percent of all doctors visits are somehow related to diet. At InRFood, we bring transparency to what is in your food and the impact it has on your personal health," said Keval Mehta, Founder and CEO of InRFood. "Village Capital and their partners helped us connect with and expand InRFood to a number of industries where we can make a health impact."

Throughout the program, the entrepreneurs received mentoring from industry experts and potential investors. At the end of the program, the twelve ventures ranked each other in a unique process called peer-selection. The ten other ventures that participated in the program can be found here.

To learn more about Village Capital's plans for supporting and investing in health entrepreneurs in 2016, please contact Allyson Plosko at allyson.plosko@vilcap.com.

About Village Capital
Village Capital sources, trains and invests in seed-stage entrepreneurs with business solutions to major global problems. Village Capital recruits entrepreneurs solving specific problems in agriculture, energy, education, financial inclusion, and health, and then puts the power of investment in the hands of the entrepreneurs, who award the prize investments to the two ventures ranked highest by their peers at the end of every program. The organization supports early-stage ventures through a 501c3 nonprofit operating training programs for founders, investors, and communities, as well as through an affiliated, for-profit investment fund providing early-stage capital to top-ranked ventures of each program. To learn more, visit http://www.vilcap.com.

About The Hitachi Foundation
The Hitachi Foundation is an independent, philanthropic organization that seeks to discover, demonstrate and expand business practices that both measurably improve economic opportunities for low-wealth individuals in the U.S. and enhance long term business value.

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GHSICP is an impact fund that aims to enable mission-driven healthcare start-ups. Our goal is to improve health outcomes and increase healthcare access around the globe.

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