Michael mentors and advises start-ups and early-stage companies. He works with founders to build results-focused investor and customer pitches and go-to-market strategies, which are specifically designed to create audience engagement within 90 seconds.

● Advisory Boards: Glass Media, Command Hound and KnKt’d Mental Health – plus a stealth initiative

● Mentor: Health Wildcatters, Capital Factory, UTD Blackstone Lab, UT Virtual Mentoring Service

Michael is a bootstrap start-up founder, CMO, and advisory board member. He monetizes innovation, creates market disruption and brand & product differentiation in start-up, turn-around and high-growth environments. A hands-on leader, Michael has a builder and fixer’s DNA and thrives on productivity. He leads from the front and has a track record of building highly productive goal-oriented teams.

In 2009 Michael developed, funded and launched Open Circle, LLC, a Patent Pending online donor acquisition, sales and social retention marketing platform, which was specifically built to increase the donor base while reducing acquisition and gift costs. Prior to Open Circle, Michael spent 20 years in executive leadership roles. Organizations such as Yahoo!, Interpublic /TM Advertising, Warnaco and VF Corp recruited Michael to deliver finance-centric Marketing ROI.

A New Orleans native and aficionado, Michael created NewOrleansAficionado.com, a guide to eats, drinks and music in the ‘City That Care Forgot.’ He lives in Dallas, TX and is a graduate of Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management (MBA/Marketing), Tulane University’s College of Arts & Sciences (BA w/Honors) and Culver Military Academy.