Lori Kate Smith is an award-winning, sales-driven marketing executive who shifts market opinion. Ms. Smith is a veteran of building strategic relationships from startups to Fortune 100 companies which increase market awareness and sales across many verticals.

In her most recent role, Ms. Smith served as Director of Marketing Programs, Machine Learning group at Arm where she led a global team who transformed Arm’s AI presence from none to consistent coverage. In a previous role, Ms. Smith grew Arm’s partnership program 300% from a logo fest losing money to a cash-positive program of business value with 1000+ partners.

Lori Kate’s prior experiences includes achieving the top salesperson for consecutive years and generating 10% of company revenue. Lori Kate had successful roles in multiple industries from cellular to B2B software to chips.Ms. Smith earned her MBA from Santa Clara University and her BA in Economics from Middlebury College.