Dr. Tyra joined Green Park & Golf in 2017 as an Analyst. Prior to joining Green Park & Golf, she completed graduate studies in the Neuroscience program at UT Southwestern Medical Center. During her doctoral studies, she was awarded the prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation to support her research and broader impact activities on the UTSW campus and in the local community. Through her research, she developed an expertise in the mechanisms organisms use for recycling and growth, as well as a deep understanding of the fields of neuroscience and developmental biology. Dr. Tyra also co-founded a UTSW outreach with a local high school to provide science fair mentoring to students, in addition to advancing mentorship and scientific communication initiatives on the UT Southwestern Campus. Additionally, she has developed skills in investing and entrepreneurship through her family’s small business activities.

Dr. Tyra earned a B.A in German and B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of North Texas prior to her PhD studies at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Her advocacy and philanthropic work is focused on improving resources and education for families of deaf children to empower deaf children to achieve their full potential.