Over a 30 year career as a software and SaaS vendor, I have sold, architected, and managed successful systems generating well over $1 Billion in revenue:

• Healthcare Revenue Cycle (IMaCS/ now MedAssets)

• Point-of-Service Healthcare Cost Estimation

• Data Center Scheduling & Reports Distribution (Sam Wyly’s UCC—the original software-only vendor)

• Master Limited Partnership Transaction Tax Reporting (Price Waterhouse)

• Propane Gas Market Deal Analysis and Transaction Accounting (Hadson Gas)

• Retail Bank Sales Tools (Hogan Systems)

In 1990, I founded a Software-as-a-Service Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions company, IMaCS.  That business continues to be a key contributor to MedAssets’ (MDAS) revenues. Years of classic entrepreneurial struggles—from Bootstrap, to Angel money, to Private Equity Recapitalization, to Acquisitions, to successful business exit—yields an older, wiser Harriett, investing and advising entrepreneurs in the Healthcare and Technology sectors.

Recognizing the essential (and often missing) need for sales & marketing expertise in Technology-oriented businesses, I co-founded the consulting group, BaylonST (Sales Technology) to help clients find and stay on the shortest route to Revenue.

The Enumerist’s, motto, “Finite and Unbounded” speaks to my interest in novel solutions to old problems delivered via late-breaking technologies, funding prototypes of natural language processing, prediction, big data, and BYODC (Bring Your Own Data Center) to evaluate their business feasibility.