Frank has nearly a decade of executive leadership experience in the implantable neurostimulation field. As the executive chairman and CEO of MicroTransponder, McEachern has led the financing efforts to raise over $22 Million in equity financing and over $9 Million in non-dilutive financing for the Company. McEachern has implemented a sophisticated international IP and licensing strategy and developed an international reimbursement strategy for each of the the Company’s products. McEachern has hired and led a top class team of internal and external scientists, engineers, and clinical and regulatory personnel through the development of multiple implantable stimulation systems and through several successful US and international clinical studies.

Previous to joining MicroTransponder, McEachern worked as a corporate securities attorney at Baker Botts where McEachern represented Advanced Neuromodulation Systems (ANS) in the merger of ANS with St. Jude Medical, the largest neurostimulation merger to date. McEachern also serves on the Board of the University of Texas Biomedical Device Center. McEachern received his BBA from the University of Texas Business Honors Program and completed his JD at the University of Texas at Austin.