Carter is a managing director with River Cities Capital Funds and has been with the firm for 15 years. He leads the company’s healthcare investing practice. Previously, Carter worked in marketing and business development for Home Technology Healthcare, a comprehensive home healthcare company, private-equity financed by Continental Illinois and acquired by Integrated Health Services. As the recipient of the Bradford Fellowship, Carter also worked in equity research at J.C. Bradford & Co. while attending business school.

Carter has represented RCCF in successful exits in healthcare services and medical technology companies, including Accelecare, Horizon Resource Group, Pioneer Surgical, OrthoHelix Surgical Designs, Suros Surgical Systems, Orthoscan, invivodata and mostly recently, Centerre Healthcare.

Carter holds a BA from Trinity College and received his MBA from Vanderbilt University.

Carter serves on the Cincinnati Parks Foundation board and is an independent director on the board of Onconome, a molecular diagnostics company.