The #HW2015 Experience: John Houston, Founder and CEO of DUALAMS,LLC

By Christy Torres • September 10, 2015

The #HW2015 Experience: John Houston, Founder and CEO of DUALAMS,LLC

The Health Wildcatters Class of 2015 started out hitting the ground running and in the third week, it doesn’t looks like they plan on stopping anytime soon. As the companies continue to push forward towards Pitch Day, each week presents them with new mentor interactions, different challenges, and continued growth. We had the opportunity to sit down with John Houston, Founder and CEO of DUALAMS, LLC to ask him about his experience so far.

What’s your business?

Over 75% of patients who undergo vocal or airway examinations experience serious complications in the process of anesthetizing the vocal anatomy, ranging from coughing to laryngeal spasms. DUALAMS is a medical device designed to eliminate challenges with larynx examinations.

How did you hear about HW? Why did you choose to apply?

While at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) I met Trey Bowles and he suggested that I meet with Hubert. After one hour with Hubert, I applied since Health Wildcatters seemed like a great program to grow my company. I’ve been self-employed since high school and I’ve learned never to reinvent the wheel. If there’s a proven system - use it. Health Wildcatters has done it for two years and after talking with one of the alumni and several DEC mentors, the consensus was “You need to be in Health Wildcatters!”

What has been your favorite part about the program so far?

The word WOW!  I say it after every mentor meeting. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned already. The new knowledge ripples across everything I do. For example, I just updated my pitch deck after meeting with mentors from 9:00-11:00 this morning. It’s a continual evolution of everything.

What do you think has been the greatest challenge in the program?

So far everything has made sense, everything has been well thought out. I have two full pages from my mentor meetings today. That is the challenge...implementing everything as quickly as I get it because you want to use all of it.

 What’s your spirit animal?

Probably a tortoise.  They always get there, they’re methodical, and they last a long time.

The first month of the program is often times the most hectic while our teams get situated into new surroundings and a follow a new schedule every day. We’d like to thank John for sharing a moment of his time with us to talk about his experience. We are excited to see where DUALAMS goes next!