“Texas IoT Incubator” Panel at the Internet of Things xChange Summit

By Christy Torres • October 7, 2015

“Texas IoT Incubator” Panel at the Internet of Things xChange Summit

We had the opportunity to share the stage with our sister accelerator, Tech Wildcatters (TW), at the Internet of Things xChange summit (IoT6 xChange) last week. The summit brings together industry leaders to discuss strategy, operations, deployment, and other segments related to the Internet of Things.  The summit seeks to maintain the highest level of relevancy for its participants, only recruiting 60-75 senior executives from leading enterprise organizations.

Health Wildcatters teams Obaa, Dynofit, and md Portal and TW EMERGE team, MindTalk Technology were on a panel moderated by TW Executive Director Molly Cain . As they filed into place on stage, the room began to quiet down while the audience prepared to listen to a panel that differed greatly from the rest of their programming. Each team had 3-5 minutes to share a little background about what they do and any large milestones they had achieved in advancing their technology. Molly then asked them to talk in depth about where they think IoT is headed,  how their organization will play a part in that, what problems they are specifically solving,  and how they are relevant to an enterprise organization. The panelists came from diverse backgrounds and were originally based in different parts of the country. Molly also asked them to explain what inspired the teams to pack up and move to Dallas in order to expand their business. For most, it was the increasing investment opportunity in Dallas.

The floor was opened up for questions. Many were captivated by the idea of a startup and had questions around logistics: how are you collecting data, how do you get your licenses, have you considered entering different markets, and what is your competitive strategy? Impressed with the amount of engagement and insight the audience shared with each question, the teams felt a great energy fill the room.  Molly invited the audience to come and chat during their upcoming break between sessions.

The teams had some time to demo their products and network with intrigued audience members. Before heading back to headquarters Peter DeNagy, Co-Chair of the Internet of Things Forum in Dallas and a key organizer of the IoT6 xChange, mentioned that it’s not often that panelist have the opportunity to chat with eager audience members.  The energy was high and we were very humbled by the incredible feedback and positive reactions our teams received. Thank you to the IoT6 xChange for inviting us to participate; we were thrilled to have brought a little bit of the startup life into the corporate arena.