Noninvasix And Vidas Sanas Featured In Launch DFW: DALLAS NEW TECH, NOVEMBER 3, 2015

By Christy Torres • October 30, 2015

Noninvasix And Vidas Sanas Featured In Launch DFW: DALLAS NEW TECH, NOVEMBER 3, 2015

October 30, 2015 | Raquel Vincent | Launch DFW

Please join us November 3rd, at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in wonderful Downtown Dallas for Dallas New Tech! Also known as #BigDNT, this is our opportunity to share some of the greatest tech in the Dallas/Fort Work area with you, the community. This month we have two teams from Health Wildcatters, one from Fort Worth, and two robotics companies.

If you’re new to downtown, or want to get here using something other than a car, have a look at our guide to getting to downtown Dallas.

Advanced humanoid robots that transform the teaching of content, deliver innovative intervention, and provide new and exciting engagement for children with autism. | Twitter: @robokind

Chalkbucket Labs
More than just gym management software, Chalkbucket Labs gives you the must-have tools to get a grip on your operations, marketing and memberships. | Twitter: @chalkbucketlabs

Pulsepet brings the IoT to pets, it’s MVP The GoBone is an interactive playmate for dogs. Santiago originally created the GoBone because he was working long hours and needed help entertaining and exercising his pet. The GoBone makes it easy to care for and engage your dog both mentally and physically, whether you’re home or away.
Contact: Santiago Gutierrez, | Twitter: @mygobone

Using patented optoacoustic technology, Noninvasix, Inc. is developing an elegant solution for the safe, accurate and noninvasive monitoring of fetal welfare during labor and delivery. | Twitter: @noninvasix

CalcuQuote was designed by Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry veterans to improve the speed and accuracy of your Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) quote. | Twitter: @calcuquote

Vidas Sanas
Vidas Sanas (Healthy Lives) is a Latino wellness platform delivering bilingual health and lifestyle education facilitated by independent peer guides for employers and health systems. | Twitter: @vidassanas

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