HW Spotlight: Hubert Zajicek

By Lindsey Settles • May 4, 2017

HW Spotlight: Hubert Zajicek

HW Spotlight: Hubert Zajicek

You know Health Wildcatters, but do you really know the people who run the show? We’re pulling back the curtain and spotlighting our team in this new blog series. We hope you follow along and get a kick out of the answers to the five random questions we ask them. First up, our CEO and fearless leader, Hubert Zajicek!

Hubert is the CEO and co-founder of Health Wildcatters, and has extensive experience working with startups. He is an active speaker, panelist and thought leader on healthcare innovation, startups, entrepreneurship & financing. Hubert also serves as advisor, mentor and board member on various organizations and startup companies.

Previously, he was the Managing Director of Medical Technology at the North Texas Enterprise Center, where he ran what eventually became the Southwest’s largest medtech investment conference, showcasing startups that attracted in excess of $300M. Prior, he was on faculty at UT Southwestern as an NIH funded principal investigator in the Departments of Internal Medicine and Cell Biology. Currently, Hubert is president and founder of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs – DFW chapter, chapter-leader of Health2.0Dallas and is on the Board of the Southwest Venture Forum. He has an MD from the University of Vienna and an MBA from SMU.

When you’re not running Health Wildcatters, what do you like to do in your free time? 

I love to travel, despite a pretty busy travel schedule during certain parts of the year on behalf of Health Wildcatters. I spend a lot of time with my family and read books on maritime history.

If you could take your ultimate dream vacation, what would it be and why?

One way around the world, with stops on each continent. Definitive stops: Tahiti & Seychelles.

When you were a kid, what was your dream job?

That's easy, I always wanted to be a doctor. Little did I know that my patients would be health startups! Exploring the world by ship, whatever job that may be, so professional "explorer" was also on the list.

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Can I have three answers? How could you pass up an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ? If that’s all I get, then I’d be satisfied right there. But if I can pick two more then I’d love to meet one of the great healthcare inventors that have passed away. There are so many important discoveries that have been made in the last 100 years in medicine that it would be hard for me to settle on one. Maybe Wilhelm Roentgen, who discovered the use for X-rays in medicine, or Raymond Damadian, the inventor of the MRI. I’m fascinated by imaging technology. I think we still have amazing discoveries ahead of us in imaging technology. Lastly, my grandfather who passed away before I was born. He was a physician and very entrepreneurial. I’m sure we’d have some really cool conversations about health inventions were he still alive.

What’s your favorite hobby or activity and why?

Sailing and skiing. I grew up doing both and I'm in my element on skis or on a sailboat. (Now don’t ask me why I'm here in Dallas, Texas, landlocked and without mountains - that's what airplanes are for.)

Have any other questions you’d like Hubert to answer? Leave us a comment below! Until then, stay tuned for the next spotlight coming soon.